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La Esperanza Pacamara

About La Esperanza Pacamara

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“The Pacamara variety has some unique flavour characteristics which are accentuated by its large bean size, which means it roasts in a very different way to other coffee, developing a complex, syrup-like sweetness alongside the fresh, grape-like acidity and delicious pineapple flavour. Pacamara has a reputation for having very full body and this coffee is no different. This coffee has a rich, round mouthfeel.”

About the area

This beautiful farm is located in Chalchuapa, Santa Ana in El Salvador. The whole region is famous throughout El Salvador for growing exemplary specialty coffee. The farm itself faces North West and so it’s protected from the winds that can ravage other parts of the area. The region boasts loamy soils, which are super-fertile and provide the ideal nutrients for growing coffee.

Coffee here tends to be grown under the shade of Inga and Eucalyptus trees, as well as a number of other native species. Amidst tropical weather conditions, these trees provide the perfect temperatures for coffee to grow.

About the farm

Finca La Esperanza was formerly owned by Sonia Moran (who inherited the farm from her parents). As old age approached, Sonia decided to sell the farm and was approached by many people, including Alfredo Pacas Diaz and his wife Juan Alfredo Pacas Martinez. After a long talk about coffee farming, varietals and the importance of coffee quality, Sonia knew the couple were the right fit for her farm and it was passed to them in 2010.

The farm was not in a great state at that point, so the Pacas family put a lot of effort into replanting and regenerating it. Due to the fact it covers land from 1,000 metres above sea level right up to 1,750 metres, well-maintained tracks are crucial. But the land is idea for growing a host of different varieties including Pacas, Red Bourbon, Pacamara, Orange Bourbon, Kenya, Ethiopian heirloom, Moka and Bernadina.

About the coffee processing

This large farm employes 45 permanent workers, with a further 120 joining the team for the harvest. When the cherries approach ripeness the pickers begin the first of four passes of the farm, taking only the ripe cherries on each pass. Once collected the cherries are sorted by hand, and any that don’t make the grade are removed to safeguard the quality of the final coffee.

When the ripe cherries arrive at the mill, they’re pulped using clean, fresh wáter and then put into fermentations tanks for 12-15 hours. During this time 100% of the mucilage is released from the parchment and full fermentation takes place. Afterwards, the parchment is washed and rinsed and set out in the patios to dry, which allows the coffee to develop a sweet cup with a superbly complex acidity.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Inverna S.A. de C.V.

What does coffee mean to you?

Coffee is my life. I was born into the world of coffee and it is a way of making a living for myself, my family and many people that depend on it. It is also fundamental to the economy and environment of my country, so it is an honour to be a coffee farmer.

What's the appeal of working with Pact?

Pact has a vision and a passion for quality and innovation. These are values that we have in common. I think we can learn a lot from Pact, so I strive to build a long-term relationship with them, not just a one-time sale. That means a lot for me and everyone who works on the farm.

What are your plans for the farm in the future?

We want to continue replanting the farm with a host of different varietals. We want to make it like a giant Varietal Garden. But for now I am just so proud of the people that work here. Because of its size and topography, this is a very challenging place to work and the people we work with are skilled enough to produce a very special coffee here.

Tell us something about your farm that you could only know by working there...

The farm has a house that is believed to be haunted...


ACIDITYGrape acidity
FLAVOURPineapple and pear
ORIGINEl Salvador
PRODUCERJuan Alfredo Pacas Martinez
TASTING NOTEPineapple and pear
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