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La Pedregosa


About La Pedregosa

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

Mauricio’s coffee is full of stone fruit characteristics, baked fruit sweetness and that syrupy texture you get from stewed fruit. The acidity is bright, like orange citrus and combines perfectly with the plum and lemon flavours.

About the farm

You might recognise Mauricio as the son of Faiber Vega, grower of El Cairo. When Faiber Vega Salazar’s father inherited a coffee plantation and noticed his children’s interest in coffee growing, he gave one hectare to each of them. There were seven siblings, who had all been taught the traditional ways of growing coffee from their grandmother, so the farms flourished.

Faiber continued that tradition with his own son, giving him a hectare for himself.

We’ve worked with Faiber Vega for a long time, bringing his El Cairo coffee back each year, and watched his family’s lifestyle and coffee keep improving. His son Mauricio watched the family go from living in a shack to succeeding in the industry, and decided to stay in farming himself - instead of getting a job in a call centre, as planned.

We’ve bought the first sacks of speciality crop he’s produced, supporting the next generation of coffee farming - an important part of sustainability that people don’t always think about.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Mauricio

Why did you decide to start farming coffee?

For my parents, farming coffee to sell at low prices was the only option. I intended to move to the city to get a job at a call centre and earn a good living there. When I saw that Pact Coffee were willing to pay great prices for quality coffee and that every year they came back, I realised there could be a successful future for myself and my family in coffee - so with my families help, I started Finca Pedregosa.


ACIDITYOrange citrus
FLAVOURPlum and lemon
ORIGINSan Isidro, Huila, Colombia
PRODUCERMauricio Vega
SWEETNESSFructose, baked fruit
TASTING NOTEPlum and lemon
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