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La Secreta Espresso


About La Secreta Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

"This cup is overflowing with juicy peach and crisp green apple flavours. Its sweetness is fresh and clean and really fruity. The acidity of the coffee makes me think of a fresh apple and it delivers a mouthwateringly crisp aftertaste."

About the farmer

When Gonzalo Moreno Blanco bought La Secreta Farm it was little more than pastureland. Through hard work, thoughtful renovations and expertise he was able to build a flourishing plantation, complete with a wet mill and the house he lives in with his family.

About the farm

Gonzalo employs one permanent worker through the year and then during harvest time he’s able to bring in three extra local pickers to help pick the cherries. For his crop to be a success, it’s really important that it rains from March to June and then also in September and October. Between these rainy periods, Gonzalo’s coffee trees require temperate, dry conditions to produce the finest cherries.

Gonzalo and his pickers try to pick only the ripe cherries but occasionally green cherries can make their way into the mix. The technique of using floating tanks to sort ripe from unripe cherries, helps to make the coffee consistently good. The ripe cherries are left to ferment for 12 to 15 hours and washed three times after fermentation. Finally, they are dried on patios, where they’re turned frequently to ensure an even flavour.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Gonzalo Moreno Blanco:

What part of being a coffee farmer makes you most proud?

“I’m really proud of the quality of my coffee, and the fact I can achieve that while working in harmony with the environment. Pact pay a better price for my coffee, which is a good incentive for me to focus on quality and on being environmentally friendly.


ACIDITYMalic (Apple)
FLAVOURPeach and green apple
PRODUCERGonzalo Moreno Blanco
TASTING NOTEPeach and green apple
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