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La Valentina


About La Valentina

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has fantastically clear flavours of peach and blackcurrant, it has a juicy mouthfeel and delicate, elegant acidity and sweetness like you get with ripe fruits - particularly grapes. This is a very well balanced coffee.”

About the area

La Valentina is situated in the town of La Paz within the state of Comayagua in western Honduras. The area is home to the thick and dense terrain of the Montecillos mountains and the fertility and diversity of the land has made the area prime for coffee production, as well as things such as livestock farming, timber processing and mining.

About the farm

Named after farmers Carlos Ernestor Mejia Rodriguez and Nelsy Castillo David’s first daughter, La Valentina is a traditional Honduran coffee producer with strong ties to the local community and it’s customs. Both Carlos and Nelsy had coffee backgrounds before they inherited the farm from Carlos’ mother and that is one of the reasons why their planning and practices have led to their successes.

About the coffee processing

The production of the coffee process at La Valentina starts in January at the beginning of the harvesting period, when their 20 temporary workers join the 6 permanent workers in only picking the 100% ripe cherries. The cherries are then depulped, fermented and washed in the cleanest and environmentally friendly methods that they can manage, doing as little damage to the environment as possible.

Check out our Blog Post for an interview with Carlos!


ACIDITYTartaric (Grape)
ALTITUDE1600-1700 m
FLAVOURPeach and Blackcurrant
PROCESSFully Washed
PRODUCERCarlos Ernestor Mejia Rodriguez
SWEETNESSRipe, Fructose
TASTING NOTEPeach and blackcurrant
VARIETALRed Catuai and Pacas
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