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About Liquidambo

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“One of my first memories of the flavour of nectarine and peach is of the canned variety, swimming in their syrupy source with a splash of single cream.This coffee has characteristics that remind me of all these things. It’s superb sweetness slightly overshadows the delicate citrus acidity, the body is round like single cream and together with the delicious light nectarine and peach flavours make this a delight!”

About the farmer, Jose Reynaldo Bejarano:

Jose is a humble and quiet man. He hails from Cangual, Intibuca in Honduras and he takes the business of growing coffee very seriously. Jose’s beautiful farm boasts some of the finest weather a coffee-grower could hope for, and thanks to years of hard work and saving, he was recently able to build his own mill on the farm. This enables him to oversee the processing of his coffee every step of the way; needless to tay he takes enormous pride in the coffee they produce there. “Coffee means everything to me,” Jose explains “I am working to improve the quality of life for my family. I love coffee production because it is an activity that allows all members of my family to participate.”

About the farm, Liquidambo

Jose and his family employ two workers year-round, who help them to plant trees, maintain the farm and - bit by bit - make gradual improvements to their processing mill. They then hire 15 extra pickers during harvest time. The coffee cherries are harvested as soon as they’re fully ripe and depulped the same day. Depending on the weather, fermentation then last between 20 and 30 hours, before solar driers and newly-installed screens are used to dry the coffee to 11% humidity, which takes 20 to 30 days.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Jose Reynaldo Bejarano:

What does coffee mean to you?

It is my passion, my way of life for me and my family.

What is attractive about working with Pact Coffee?

Good prices and contact with the international market. We also get a visit from them every year, which I really like.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to improve my house next year, it is very basic at the moment. I also want to buy a vehicle to speed up the transporting of the coffee and to help my workers with their education. Where is your favorite spot to relax on the farm? I love to climb the avocado trees on the farm. I climb to the top of the trees at the highest point on the farm, where I can view the mountains.


ACIDITYLight citrus
FLAVOURNectarine and peach
PRODUCERJose Reynaldo Bejarano
SWEETNESSRefined sugar
TASTING NOTENectarine and peach
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