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About Manantial

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee is crisp, fresh and sensational. When it comes to both acidity and flavour profile, there are notes of fresh red apple which really zing on the palate. It boasts a delicate sweetness and a round mouthfeel, with a very low bitterness that suits it perfectly, and the cherry-like aftertaste makes it a really all-round treat.”

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Not many coffee growers have been farming for as long as Filberto. At 85 years old, he really knows how to grow great beans, so as soon as I tasted his coffee for the first time, I knew we had to work with him.

But I could also see some easy ways he could improve the processing of those beans; the first of which involved buying him a simple thermometer. This basic piece of equipment now allows him to closely monitor and control the temperatures of his drying beds, meaning the coffee can be dried with more consistency and the final cup tastes substantially better. Drying too fast or too slow has a devastating impact on the cup quality, which has been worked so hard for throughout the farming process.

This tiny investment of a single thermometer - funded by the the coffee you drink each day - means Filberto’s hard work goes further. He can charge more for higher quality coffee and the beans we send you just keep on getting better. This is just one of the ways our 3 Phase Program is working, right now, to improve the lives of farmers and the quality of coffee across the globe. I’d like to thank you for being part of it; I hope you enjoy this truly outstanding coffee, brought to you by a genuine master.

About the farmer, Filiberto Gifarro Salazar:

Filiberto Gifarro Salazar has always worked with coffee, and learned everything he knows from his father. He first heard about specialty coffee in 1992 so, along with his wife and a friend, he decided to dedicate part of his farm to growing higher quality beans for the specialty coffee market. At first, though they knew their beans were worth more money, their local co-operative still paid them as if they were commodity standard, so the trio began to sell coffee to international clients like Pact.

About the coffee processing

Once the ripe cherries are picked, they are sorted manually using the floatation method. This tells the pickers which are the good cherries and which should be discarded, resulting in an extremely high quality cup. The finest cherries are then left to ferment for around 24 hours, then checked regularly to find the optimum time for washing. Finally the cherries are dried uniformly, to yield the best results in the final cup.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Filiberto Gifarro Salazar

How do you find working with Pact?

I’m very happy when Will from Pact comes to my farm, it is a big joy and it doesn’t feel like he is from another country at all, I feel like he is from my hometown.

What does coffee mean to you?

I love coffee so much, but coffee from my farm is always my favourite. I like to drink it all day and when I have to work at night, coffee helps me to stay awake too! But I also care for the environment, I try to produce coffee responsibly by applying good and sustainable practices. This means people see me as an example in my community and visit me to see how I work.

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FLAVOURPeach, nectarine
PRODUCERFilberto Guifarro Salazar
TASTING NOTEPeach sherbet
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