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Miraflores Labateca Espresso


About Miraflores Labateca Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has an elegant flavour profile reminding me of black tea and ripe black cherry. There is a delicious ripe sweetness and light tartaric sweetness all wrapped together by a light but silky mouthfeel.”

About the farmer

For a long time, Alfredo Antonio, the man behind Miraflores Labateca, dreamt of owning a coffee farm and producing his own beans. So when a farm became available in Norte de Santander, he jumped at the chance to buy and renovate it. Now, at 64, Alfredo Antonio and his family call this farm home.

He and his partner, Gloria Marina, have six children, Alfredo Arley, Tatiana, Maite Yasomar, Frank, Cesar Augusto and Maria Alejandra who all work alongside their father at Miraflores Labateca. Alfredo’s family has been a major driving force behind his success. His family shares his passion for the trade, working beside him, in order to help their father

They have been his motivation from the beginning and are all learning the coffee growing trade from their father by helping out on the farm.

About the farm

Alfredo bought the Miraflores Farm from a close friend when it was little more than some pastureland dotted with a few tipica variety coffee trees. The whole farm was in really bad shape at the time but Alfredo set about making improvements immediately and has now completely turned it around. He’s received help along the way from the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC), Colombia’s coffee growers federation, who offered guidance and support throughout his renovations.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Alfredo:

What inspires you to produce such high-quality coffee?

“The FNC arranged for me to tour other coffee farms, where I saw the benefit of planting new and improved coffee plants. Since then I’ve been working to improve the quality of my coffee. It was a great experience to see how other great coffee farmers work.”


FLAVOURBlack tea and black cherry
PRODUCERAlfredo Antonio Silva
SWEETNESSRipe, syrup
TASTING NOTEBlack tea and black cherry
VARIETALColombia, Tabi
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