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Mujeres Rurales de San Alberto


About Mujeres Rurales de San Alberto

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

Immediately this coffee reminded me of smooth Swiss chocolate. The creamy mouthfeel, and mild but creamy acidity balance perfectly - bringing back memories of Milka bars as a child.

You may have tried Asomuprisma - the women’s cooperative coffee we sold last year. But before we started that relationship, we began working with a rural women’s producer group in San Alberto. We met in 2017, and it has taken three years of work to get the group producing coffee of the quality we require - and now they can receive the reward for it too.

The remoteness of this group (two hours hiking and six hours driving to Toledo, the nearest town) means they produce their coffee organically, out of necessity rather than choice. The group live self-sufficiently - eating plantain, corn, celery, beans, and fruits they grow themselves.


FLAVOURSwiss chocolate
PRODUCERSan Alberto Women Producers
SWEETNESSRefined sugar
TASTING NOTESwiss chocolate
VARIETALColombia, Castillo
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