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Nyarusiza Ngara

Ni-AH-roo-SEE-zah Un-GAH-rah

About Nyarusiza Ngara

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has full on blackberry and pineapple aroma from the second you open the bag. These flavours are expressed really well when it is brewed too, especially if you give the kettle a little longer to rest after it has boiled. The sweetness is like ripe fruit and syrup, and the acidity is pointed and fresh; all of this is rounded up in a coating mouthfeel.”

About the farm

The coffee for this lot is grown on a number of small farms in the Ngara region, about 18km from the Nyarusiza washing station. The producer, Bufcoffee Ltd. is a family known in Rwanda for producing and exporting green coffee beans.

Bufcoffee was founded by Mukashyaka Epiphanie in 2003, nearly ten years after she lost her husband to the genocide in Rwanda. Mukashyaka’s husband had a coffee farm at the time and sold his coffee locally. As a widow with seven children and some knowledge of coffee, Mukashyaka got support from Project to Enhance Agriculture in Rwanda through Linkages (PEARL) and set up Bufcoffee Ltd.

Bufcoffee Ltd. not only produces and exports coffee, it also empowers 4,608 women and coffee farmers social and economically. Through training and by sharing information on how to increase coffee yield, they’re able to impact the local community immensely.

Since it began, the company has continued to grow, and now has two washing stations: Remera and Nyarusiza, where this coffee was processed.


ACIDITYPointed, Bright
FLAVOURBlackcurrant and pineapple
SWEETNESSRipe, syrup
TASTING NOTEBlackberry and pineapple
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