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Nyiramasoni Donatille

About Nyiramasoni Donatille

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“There is fantastic clarity in the blackcurrant and black tea flavours found in this coffee, followed by a delicate orange aftertaste and elegant, tartaric, grape acidity. The syrupy sweetness and mouthfeel is excellent.”

Please note this coffee is sold in a 125g bag

About the coffee

This coffee first featured in our Gold Dust range, when Will stumbled upon a standout coffee grown by Donatille Nyiramasoni - one that would have normally been bundled with other varieties at a local washing station. This one, separated out, was something truly special with distinctive notes of blackcurrant and black tea, and a delicate orange aftertaste.

Will had to bring it back, and it’s kept those delicious characteristics - all complemented by a elegant grape-like acidity and syrupy sweetness and mouthfeel. It’s just got even better, especially after improvements were implemented on the farm.

About our work with Donatille

Despite the high quality of this coffee when he first came across it, Will noticed a few small changes that could be made to Donatille’s farming practices. Using the proceeds from Gold Dust sales, he resolved to go back and put some of these improvements in place. Heading to a local shop, they picked up the following: a spray canister, face mask, pruning saw, shears and… a goat!

These items meant that Donatille could protect her crops from rust disease in an environmentally friendly way, prune effectively to ensure increased cherry growth and fertilise her trees. They were small, cost-efficient changes that made a big difference. Again, Pact bought the entirety of her crop. Anyone who tries it is really in for a treat.


FLAVOURBlackcurrant and black tea
PRODUCERNyiramasoni Donatille
TASTING NOTEBlackcurrant and black tea
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