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Queixada Espresso


About Queixada Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

Perfect for espresso, milk chocolate flavours and a mouthfeel to match with an aftertaste of dried date being the perfect accompaniment. The caramel sweetness, creamy body and mild creamy acidity make for a fantastic classic espresso.

The Coffee

There’s something special about a perfect traditional-tasting espresso, and this is the coffee for it. It has a creamy body, gooey caramel sweetness and a gentle but creamy acidity. That is followed by a splash of milk chocolate, creating an expertly balanced taste profile.

The Region

These chocolate notes are often seen in the region of Ilicinea, one which produces a lot of incredible coffees we source - despite the area itself not being suited for farming, due to its rocky soil and incredible high winds. But it’s beaten the elements again, with this stand-out espresso produced by Ednei Henrique.


ACIDITYMild, creamy
FLAVOURMilk chocolate, caramel, date
PRODUCEREdnei Henrique
TASTING NOTEMilk chocolate, caramel, date
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