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Remera Espresso


About Remera Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

The molasses sweetness, pointed lime citrus acidity and buttery mouthfeel of this coffee could all be individually overpowering but combined their intensity balances perfectly supporting a rich blueberry flavour.

About the coffee

Generally, choosing a coffee for espresso is about finding a variety with an exceptional balance. These coffees are few and far between, however, hence the reason that most espresso sold around the world is blended from multiple coffees to achieve that balance. It can be the case, though, that coffee without a perfect balance can stand out when brewed as an espresso. This happens in the same way that bright tangy deserts can be exactly what you are looking for, every now and then. And this is one of those times: Remera Espresso is our Key lime pie, lemon tart or passion fruit parfait.

About the farm

The Remera washing station, from which this coffee hails, was built by the BUF Cooperative in 2003. It was the first step which Epiphanie, the owner of BUF Coffee, took into the world of exporting coffee. Things were a challenge at first, but Epiphanie knew that by reducing the number of people in the supply chain - between farmer and exporter - she could increase the amount of money each coffee grower gets paid (much like Stephen Rapaport’s goal when he launched Pact).

Epiphanie had only six years of education and seven children to care for, but with help from USAID, she became the first woman to own a coffee washing station in Rwanda. She has since won Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government award and inspired countless women across Rwanda (including her own daughters) to become more involved in the coffee industry.

We asked our farmer, Epiphanie:

What about being a coffee farmer is important to you?

Coffee is my livelihood, and a means to improve the life of me and my family. It’s important that I work as hard as I can to ensure the coffee is a fantastic quality and uphold my reputation as a committed farmer. I hope that whoever drinks this coffee will appreciate the hard work that goes into the whole process.


ACIDITYPointed citrus acidity
FLAVOURBlueberry, molasses and lime
PRODUCERRemera Washing Station for BUF Cooperative
SWEETNESSBrown sugar
TASTING NOTEBlueberry, molasses and lime
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