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San Pedro Smallholders Espresso


About San Pedro Smallholders Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

This coffee has a pointed, orange acidity - balanced wonderfully by the syrupy sweetness and body. Flavour notes of apricot, strawberry and orange remind me of juicy sweets.

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Guatemala is the producer of a lot of great coffee, and the San Pedro region produces especially delicious crops due to its perfect conditions.

Coffee production has been a major part of Guatemala’s economy for a significant amount of time, ever since it started developing in the 1850s. Most coffee is shade grown, arabica and processed using the washed method - including this coffee! Thanks to the country’s coffee regulation board, Anacafé, the speciality market is alive and well in Guatemala.

A high elevation, nutrient-filled volcanic soil, steady rainfall and a cool temperature means this particular region of Guatemala is perfectly primed to produce delicious coffees. For this particular coffee, multiple small crops grown by smallholder farmers have been grouped - creating delicious fruity flavours, reminiscent of Starburst sweets (or Opal Fruits, if you’re of that vintage!).


The most water-intensive process, but it produces a great clarity of flavour. Learn all you need to know about the washed process.

For a bright and clear coffee, the washed process is often the best bet - though it does use a lot of water, which we try to encourage to be recycled after processing. First, coffee cherries are picked at their optimum ripeness. Then they are sorted in a floatation tank, where unripe cherries float and are removed and discarded. Of the remaining ripe cherries, the pulp is mostly removed and the beans are then placed in water tanks to ferment for 18-36 hours. After that, the green beans are rinsed and dried in the sun - for one-to-two weeks. The cherries are then dehulled, to remove the papery ‘parchment’ layer left - and that’s the washed method!

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FLAVOURApricot, strawberry, orange
PRODUCERSan Pedro Smallholders
ROAST PROFILEMedium Espresso
TASTING NOTEStarburst sweets
VARIETALCaturra, Catuai, Bourbon
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