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About Sidamo

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

How it tastes (By Will our Head of Coffee): “The first thing that hits me with this coffee is its buttery coating mouthfeel and sweetness. This is quickly followed by the aroma and sweetness of butter browning in a pan. Gorgeous. In terms of acidity we’re talking mild and orangey. This then gives way to delicate floral bergamot flavours (like you might be used to tasting in Earl Grey) and a delicate black tea finish.”

About the area: The conditions in Ethiopia’s Sidamo region are pretty perfect for growing coffee. In fact, the area is known for being something of a coffee-growing dream. The sprawling and lofty land - it’s between 1,500m and 2,000m above sea level - spreads through the fertile highlands just south of Lake Awasa in the Rift Valley.

The region is made up of more than 20 different administrative areas, or ‘woredas’, each with their own individual microclimates. The changing landscape means Sidamo coffee can vary in flavour depending on which woreda it comes from.

About the farm: Unlike other coffees on our menu, which are sourced directly from the farmers, Sidamo coffee is managed through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). The ECX is designed to provide an efficient and modern trading system, which protects the rights of the sellers and buyers. This system is excellent for the growers, but it also means that to our top quality Sidamo had to be carefully selected from a wide range of coffees.

About the coffee processing: About 60% of the region’s coffees are washed, while Sidamo also produces some excellent sun-dried coffees. To cater to all the different cooperatives in the area, there are about 200 washing stations dotted around the various woredas.


ACIDITYCitric (Orange)
SWEETNESSBrowned Butter
TASTING NOTEEarl Grey tea and Garibaldi biscuits.
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