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About Villaure

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Baked plum aromas jump straight out of the ground coffee and follow through in the cup with a rich plum flavour and a mild lime finish. There’s a crystal clear, cane sugar and syrup sweetness to this coffee running alongside a nicely balanced lemon acidity (the kind of tart lemon taste you get from a tarte au citron). All of this is held together by a silky mouthfeel.”

About the farmer, Aurelio Villatoro

Everything Aurelio Villatoro knows about coffee (which is a great deal) he learned from his father, who started buying and selling coffee in the 1950s. That said, initially it wasn’t Aurelio’s dream to become a coffee farmer, instead he wanted to be an airplane mechanic. He studied for a year before his father could no longer afford the tuition and Aurelio returned to the farm, applying his technical mind and attention to detail to turning around the fortunes of his father’s farm.

All those years ago they mostly sold their coffee to a local mill, who would pay them instantly but at a vastly knocked down price. Aurelio has managed to change the way they work, so that they now sell their specialty beans directly to people like Pact, for a price that reflects how good they are. Today he and his seven brothers run the farm together, investing in and improving the quality of their coffee with every harvest.

About the farm, Villaure

The name Villaure comes from combining the “Aure” from Aurelio’s first name with the “Vill” from his surname, Villatoro. The farm is well-respected within the Huehuetenango (often known as Huehue) region of Guatemala, having competed in the Cup of Excellence four times and being ranked 5th in 2015. The quality of the coffee grown at Villaure is a reflection of the farm’s perfect coffee-growing location and climate. Huehue is the highest and driest region of Guatemala, boasting soaring altitudes of over 2,000 meters. The area also enjoys hot winds, which blow over from the Mexican mountains and protect the farms there from frosts that can damage the coffee crop. These idyllic conditions come at a cost however; the area is extremely remote and so farmers often have to resort to travelling by ox or on foot to transport their coffee for sale.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Aurelio Villatoro:

What’s the appeal of working with Pact?

I was really touched by your visit to Huehuetenango and our farms. The way Will expressed himself, his genuine interest in our lives and desire to connect with us shows us there is a mutual connection, that we are here to support each other. Pact supports us by buying coffee from us at a fair price and that allows us to improve our farms, our personal lives and community.

The appeal of working with Pact lies in that instead of worrying about the market fluctuations and stressing out about who will buy my coffee, I know that my coffee has a customer (Pact). I can focus on improving our quality, planning improvements on the farms, ensuring high production and good quality.


ACIDITYCitric (Lemon)
ALTITUDE1415-1850 m
FLAVOURPlum and lime
PRODUCERAurelio Villatoro
SWEETNESSCane sugar, Syrup.
VARIETALBourbon, Caturra, Pacamara
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