Our bespoke training and investment programme is designed to turn good farmers into great farmers.


The first step is talent scouting. We’re not looking for the finished product, just a farmer with drive and beans with potential.

Head of Coffee Will tries a specially prepared sample of beans, to see if the grower’s got what it takes to produce speciality coffee. If they and their beans show promise, we make small suggestions to boost quality - like making sure cherries are picked at their optimum ripeness, and advising on the best way to dry them consistently, and when to trim back tree branches.


Next, we put our money where our mouth is. A relatively small investment can provide a massive boost to coffee quality.

After those minor tweaks have been made to their growing practices, it’s time for Phase 2. This is where we make a small technical investment of up to $1000, to help farmers streamline and improve their processes. This could be thermometers, to enable producers to track basic data on the farm - as consistent readouts means they can carefully control fermentation.


Like any area of expertise, being a great farmer takes practice, training and experience. What we do is seek out potential.

Once a producer is growing great coffee, we set our sights on increasing production rates. Whether it’s financing improvements to a washing station, providing training for their workers, or providing a new piece of processing kit, the improved crop means opportunities to reinvest in the farm keep on coming. Plus, it means more great coffee for us to sell to you.