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Geisha Natural Pre-Order - Cafetiere


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Geisha is famed for its utterly unique flavour profile - so much so that it’s earned over $800 per pound at auction! This is a very special opportunity to try the rarest coffee around, and see why it’s got the reputation it has.

How it tastes (by Will - our Head of Coffee):

“The delicate grape and nectarine flavours and acidity delivered by the geisha variety are supplemented by a luxurious strawberry jam mouthfeel and sweetness, developed by the use of the natural processing method.”

About the coffee

This coffee featured as the finale of our Gold Dust Club - and for good reason. Geisha is rare, expensive and utterly unique. Nothing to do with Japan, geisha (or gesha) is named after the Ethiopian region in which it was discovered in the ‘60s. Fast forward to the early 2000s and the Best of Panama auction, where this forgotten variety performed outstandingly. That success, the scarcity of certified seed and the four years it takes from planting to harvest meant Geisha has been gold dust ever since.

Its popularity is partially down to its unique taste, with a flavour profile unlike most arabica coffee. But although it brings in astronomically high prices, Head of Coffee Will doesn’t recommend that farmers grow it. Seeds are now more available, but disease resistance and yield stays low - making it a huge risk.

That risk (and rarity) of geisha means it’s never been on our menu. But while sourcing for gold dust, Will had a feeling he might stumble across a geisha that was irresistible. And on a sunny afternoon, cupping in Amsterdam, this one stopped him in his tracks. Exceptional natural processing, and flavours of white grape and nectarine like nothing else. It was no surprise when the grower was revealed to be Diego Samuel Bermudez, repeat Colombia Land of Diversity winner.

About the coffee processing

The exceptional natural processing mentioned has a lot to do with the quality of this particular geisha. As rare and revered the variety is, the inherent characteristics can easily been lost. The skillful natural processing here has really brought out the best in these beans.

Natural processing is a tricky method to start with - it involves a drawn out drying process, with beans sitting out on beds for up to four weeks and regularly raked to ensure even fermentation. They’re then dehulled mechanically. Natural coffees tend to have more fruity, fermented flavors because the bean has had more time to interact with the natural sugars from the cherry, as enzymes break down the mucilage around the bean. And this has achieved the incredible floral flavours in this geisha.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders will be shipped by Friday 21st December.

Buy a Geisha Natural Pre-Order - Cafetiere

£25.00(free P&P)
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