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Chapada Sociedade

Cha-Pah-dah So-sigh-i-dad

About Chapada Sociedade

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has really rich milk chocolate and almond flavours, the acidity is light which means the refined sugar and caramel sweetness really come through in the taste. The mouthfeel is silky and round and the coffee leaves a delightful sweet plum flavour in your mouth .”

The coffee production cycle on farms across the world has a bi-annual high and low year yield. I know that sounds complicated, but what it means is that one year the farm produces more coffee than the next. Many techniques can be used to even out production year-on-year, or, a farmer can embrace this fluctuation, prepare for it in advance and make the most of it.

2017 was a low crop year at Fazenda Chapada, which wasn’t a surprise for Marcus. He planned to spend more time than usual sorting the cherries, which would ensure better quality in each cup, and earn him higher prices. He also ensured varieties across his farm didn’t mix, and kept under-ripe, ripe and overripe cherries separate from one another.

This particular lot really stood out on the tasting table. It is the product of an area of the farm he refers to as ‘Sociedad’, and is a particular variety named Acaia. This lot is from the cherries sorted as “overripe”: left mixed in a standard lot, these could cause over fermented flavour - meaning the coffee mightn’t get its specialty classification; but dried carefully on their own, they have yielded a delicious milk chocolate, almond flavour with a rich, sweet plum aftertaste.

About the farm

Marcos Carvalho inherited the farm from his father in-law, before that he was a professional soccer player, who played for a number of big teams in Brazil. His experience was incredibly limited, but through a great deal of hard work, he’s managed to learn the trade. Today, the coffee produced by Sitio Chapada is among some of the best in the world.

About the coffee processing

In 2015 whilst Will was discussing processing with Marcus on the farm, they decided with the help of an agronomist that the installation of a cherry sorter would have a great impact on the coffee. It was from this conversation that the first Phase 3 project began, with Pact financing the cherry sorter over multiple crops but creating an instant win in terms of coffee quality.

The cherries are sorted, under-ripe, ripe and overripe and dried individually reducing the number of lots which are brought below specialty level by the under-ripe coffee that has a tendency to slip into Brazilian lots before drying with little way of selecting them out once they are ready for export. The project resulted in higher cupping scores for all of Marcus coffee, not just the lots that Pact buy and now he earns an even better premium for al his coffee!

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Marcus Carvalho:

What do you do with your spare time?

I coach all age ranges of our local football team Pavao Futsal, I used to play professional football here in Brazil and the local community decided to name the team as the fans called me - the peacocks. It is great to give the local kids somewhere to come and play together with structure, we have won some tournaments and I try to help those good enough to find teams to play in. Pact coffee helps to support our football program with the premiums it pays for our coffee.


ACIDITYMalic, apple acidity
FLAVOURMilk chocolate, almond and plum
PRODUCERMarcos Carvalho
SWEETNESSRefined sugar
TASTING NOTEMilk chocolate, almond and plum
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