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El Chollo Honey

El Choy Oh Hun Ee

About El Chollo Honey

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has a really great sweetness, developed during the honey processing method; I noted both brown sugar and cane sugar in my tasting notes. The flavour is like ripe plums and the mouthfeel is syrupy, whilst the acidity is very good but muted a little by the sweetness. The aftertaste is like juicy raisins.”

About the farm

Finca El Chollo is named for Carlos Meija Rodriguez’s grandfather who was nicknamed the same: “the bargainer”. He worked hard and cut a fine deal to buy the farm which has remained in the family ever since, as has the nickname. People in the local town can still be heard calling Carlos “El Chollo”.

About the coffee processing

This coffee is honey processed, a Central American version of the pulped natural process. Once the ripe cherries have been picked, they are depulped - the process of separating the beans from the cherry. The beans are then put straight out onto raised beds to dry with the sticky fruit still remaining on the coffee. It takes a little longer than normal for this coffee to dry but the added fruity mucilage adds a level of sweetness, as well as developing the flavours further.

We asked Our Farmer, Carlos:

What about being a coffee farmer is important to you?

It is important that our coffee is valued for its quality. I like working with Pact because they understand this and work hard to maintain and improve the commercial relationship and friendship we have with them.


ACIDITYTartaric (grape like) acidity
FLAVOURPlum and brown sugar
PRODUCERCarlos Meija Rodriguez
TASTING NOTEPlum and brown sugar
VARIETALPacas, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai