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Fazenda Santa Ines

About Fazenda Santa Ines

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

How it tastes (by Will - our Head of Coffee):

“Super jammy sweetness is the first thing to burst onto my tongue, along with rich biscuity and raspberry flavours. There is a mild acidity and round creamy mouthfeel but it’s those biscuit and raspberry flavours that really dominate the cup and remind me of a jammy dodger.”

(Psst. You can get clued up on the different coffee-tasting terms Will uses on our blog.)

About the farm Santa Ines is located in the South Minas Gerais on the ridge of the Mantiqueira Mountain in the city of Carmo De Minas. The Sertão Group took over Santa Ines in 1979, expanding the existing crops and building a concrete terrace, washer and dryer for processing. The extra resources allowed them to produce a greater quantity, while also maintaining the quality.

The Sertão Group is dedicated to looking after the local environment. They do this by preserving large portions of the rainforest and streams at Santa Ines that make it special.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, …

What does coffee mean to you? It’s my family life. It’s my history.

Is there something about the farm you could only know by working there? The beautiful view of all the farm in a treehouse on the top of the mountain at Santa Ines.

What is your biggest ambition for the farm? To continue the tradition of the The Sertão Group, by producing great coffees and always improving the quality.


ACIDITYTartaric (Grape)
FLAVOURRaspberry and Biscuit
SWEETNESSJammy and Biscuit
VARIETALYellow Catuai
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