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Huehuetenango Women Smallholders


About Huehuetenango Women Smallholders

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

This coffee is well balanced, the light undertones of apricot and orange are delicious. A round mouthfeel, light but crisp lime acidity and dark chocolate finish rounds it up deliciously.

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This lot is produced by a collection of several female coffee producers, all growing their crops within an area that covers 36 hectares. Each woman farmer works her own parcel of land, a very small lot, before the coffees are collected and processed together as one lot. Not unfamiliar to the washing station practice in places like Kenya! All the women started growing coffee to earn their own income and, subsequently, become independent. These women all practice traditional processing and farm methods - resulting in a delicious overall coffee. And in 2019, their mission is to improve their production and quality.

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FLAVOURApricot, orange
PRODUCERWomen smallholders
TASTING NOTEApricot and orange
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