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La Concepcion

About La Concepcion

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee has a silky mouthfeel, mild cranberry like acidity and flavour with a sweetness to match. When it’s tasted black, complex black tea and bergamot flavours compliment the cranberry flavour and tail off into a lemon aftertaste.”

We have been working with Yoni and his young family for three years now, having first bought coffee from him the same year he won an international award at the Cup of Excellence. That’s always an impressive place to come from, so I was excited to see what promise his next coffee crop would hold. And I wasn’t disappointed.

This year’s crop really stood out on the cupping table: the deliciously delicate notes of tart cranberry, black tea and bergamot are undercut by a lemon aftertaste. This creates a layered complexity - and one that’s unlike many of the other coffees coming from Honduras this year. This made it a perfect Micro-Lot coffee - a must-try for our customers.

A truly incredible coffee, but also one that is doing real good. Yoni has said that the relationship we have developed over the past three years has really helped him to create financial stability for his family as well as creating social mobility in the local area. And that makes this coffee taste all the sweeter.


ACIDITYCrisp tartaric acidity
FLAVOURCranberry and black tea
ORIGINIntibucá, Honduras
VARIETALCaturra and Catuai
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