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La Esmeralda Espresso


About La Esmeralda Espresso

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“The flavours of this year's crop of coffee from Esmeralda are a tribute to the work that Manuel has put in on his farm. The coffee retains the cherry flavours that it had last year with the addition of some blackcurrant notes. It has a really well-developed jammy sweetness, a silky smooth mouthfeel with an orange acidity and aftertaste.”

About the area

La Esmeralda is located in the Labateca municipality of Norte de Santander which lies on the North Eastern border between Colombia and Venezuela. This has been a very dangerous place to live and grow coffee over the past 5 decades, but the soil and climate in the area is fantastic for cultivating crops which is what makes it an especially important place for us to build relationships that will yield the best coffee. Although, it also made it a battle ground for revolutionary groups and narcos hoping to use the fertile environment to cultivate coca for process and export. The group of farmers who we work with in the area have worked hard to maintain their ability to grow coffee in the area and the reward is a range of unique and delicious coffees.

About the farm

Manual Salvador Villamizar, now 60 years old, started producing coffee at the ripe age of 17. Having already been in the business for many years, Manual and his wife, Alba, went ahead and purchased Finca La Esmeralda in 1998.

At the time the small amount of land that made up Finca La Esmeralda was in bad shape. Dotted with some old coffee plants of the Typica variety, the farm was in need of some serious restoration. Nevertheless, Manual was inspired and determined and with the support of the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros, he decided to renovate part of the land and cultivate Roya Resistant varieties.

Since then, Manual has planted both the Colombian and Castillo varieties, which has allowed him to increase the productivity of his farm, therefore making it a more profitable business.

###A quick Q&A with the farmer, Manuel:

Why do you work with Pact coffee?

I am very proud of the quality of my coffee and that Will and Pact have recognised it by agreeing to pay a good price based on the quality. The relationship that we have developed with Pact makes us feel safe, we know that so long as we work hard to keep the coffee tasting great that we will continue to sell our coffee for a good price in the coming years. The extra money we are able to earn by selling our coffee to Pact means I can invest in education for my family as well as making investments in the farm.

Will visits us each year, it is a very important and exciting day for all of the family, we tour the farm and processing facilities, we show him the improvements we have been able to make using the past year’s premium and advice he has shared with us and talk about what we can do next.


FLAVOURCherry and blackcurrant
PRODUCERManuel Salvador Villamizar
TASTING NOTECherry and blackcurrant
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