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La Falda

La Fal-dah

About La Falda

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This is a fantastic coffee, it is super complex in almost every way with the equivalent of a tropical fruit salad in terms of flavours, with delicious sweetness and acidity to match. The juicy body brings all these tasting notes together perfectly, this is a great coffee.”

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About the area

La Falda is based in the small town of Caicedo, in the heart of the Antioquia department in north west Colombia. Home to a stretch of the Andes mountains, Antioquia is an ideal region for the farming of coffee. According to farmer Jesus Maria Palacio Jimenez, Caicedo is one of the most important coffee producing municipalities in Antioquia and this makes land in Caicedo extremely valuable.

About the farm

Jimenez originally purchased La Falda back in 2003, after selling a smaller coffee growing farm that he owned. The rise in the quality and popularity of La Falda’s quality since it’s purchase can be traced back to the four different renovations in technology and trees that the farm has had under the ownership of Jimenez.

About the coffee processing

One particular process method that is employed on La Falda is the depulping of the cherries the very same day that they are picked, during the harvesting months of October, November and December. After the harvest the cherries are washed, fermented, the floating beans are carefully separated and they are dried in a Marquesina - which is a type of Guardiola.

A quick Q&A with the farmer,

What does coffee mean to you?:

“Coffee is everything, most of my family memories have taken place at La Falda. Not only is coffee the main source of income for my family and I, it is also the main source of income for most of Caicedo!”

What is the appeal of working with Pact?:

“I like that Pact values our coffee and the work that goes into growing it, I’m happy that Pact gives me and other producers the proper recognition for the work that we do.”

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ACIDITYComplex, tropical
FLAVOURMango, pineapple and blackcurrant
PRODUCERJesus Maria Palado
SWEETNESSJammy, dried fruits
TASTING NOTEMango, pineapple and blackcurrant
VARIETALCastillo, Caturra