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La Laguna

Lah Lah-Guh-Nah

About La Laguna

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“This coffee is full of tropical fruit flavour thanks to its routes in the Pacamara varietal of the coffee tree, notes of lychee and mango can be found alongside the characteristic roast notes a little like those of grilled pineapple. The sweetness is like fresh ripe fruit and honey and the mouthfeel is syrupy. There’s a good reason this coffee won an international quality award in El Salvador!”

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Will's trip to La Laguna, El Salvador

In April I was invited to San Salvador to judge the national quality competition, an event organised by the specialty coffee board of El Salvador to recognise and reward the best coffee produced in the country in any given year. Over 1000 samples were submitted and these were whittled away to a mere 100 before an international jury of 20 experienced coffee buyers were brought in to finally judge the coffee, ensuring that only the top quality coffee made it through to win an international award and rank those coffees in preparation for the auction process. 23 lots reached the exacting standards of the judges, going to international auction a few weeks later.

Since I started working in coffee I have always loved the unique flavour profile that comes from the Pacamara variety, although varying slightly depending on where it is grown, it has a delicious tropical fruit characteristic as well as a really great syrupy mouthfeel. The larger beans mean that there is generally a slight roast characteristic that comes through and reminds me of grilled pineapple. In the case of La Laguna, Gonzalo Antonio Ticas Reyes has used the honey process to develop the sweetness of this coffee further, keeping the acidity under control. Individually the variety and the process are rarely found in the coffee world, finding a delicious example like this in which they have been combined is a real treat! The honey process really harnesses the Pacamara variety to develop outstanding lychee and mango flavours whilst maintaining a delicious taste balance.

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ACIDITYGrape (tartaric)
FLAVOURLychee and mango
COUNTRYEl Salvador
PRODUCERGonzalo Antonio Ticas Reyes
SWEETNESSFructose and honey
TASTING NOTELychee and mango