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La Laguna

About La Laguna

Our Head of coffee

Will says:

“Mandarin and orange flavours are very prominent in this cup. Particularly in the aroma and flavour, which take off into a dark chocolate aftertaste. The acidity and sweetness is like zesty orange citrus and the mouthfeel is silky smooth.”

About the farm

Farmer Noelia Pérez Laguna bought her farm in 2004. Back then the farm wasn’t yet ready to produce the quality coffee that it now produces. In the time since Noelia bought the farm coffee trees had been allowed to age, rust resistant Castillo trees have been planted and a lot of her hard work has gone into things like renovating the processing station with easier to clean concrete; as well as changing the farm’s name to include her own .

About the coffee processing

Noelia picks her cherries from Monday to Friday during the harvest period, normally pulping the cherry each evening. Although, during the peak of the harvest this can be twice per day. The next step is leaving it in the fermentation tanks to process for 14 hours. Once washed the cherries are dried in shaded polycarbonate buildings for around two weeks until perfectly dry.

A quick Q&A with the farmer, Noelia:

Where is your favourite place to relax on the farm and what is the view like from there?

I have a crop of heliconias where I love to clear my mind.


ACIDITYOrange citrus
FLAVOURMandarin, orange, and dark chocolate
PRODUCERNoelia Pérez Laguna
TASTING NOTEMandarin, orange, and dark chocolate
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