Do hot drinks cool you down in the summer?

Do hot drinks cool you down in the summer?

Posted on 27-06-2019
By Lydia

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It’s going to get hot. Uncomfortably hot. We’re talking about watery Pimms because the ice melts too quickly, multiple outfit changes (‘cos you’ve sweated through your last two t-shirts). Having to escape inside every 15 mins, for a quick breather.

When it comes to sunny weather and coffee, there are three schools of thought.

The first is sacking off coffee completely, in favour of something more ‘British summer’-friendly. The aforementioned Pimms, a cold can of something alcoholic, taking all your liquid in Calippo form – there’s a lot of options.

But we know our customers better. You wouldn’t desert coffee, just because desert-like temperatures are incoming! Which brings us to your only two options:

  1. Resort to cold brew, iced coffee, or coffee brewed over ice
  2. Trust the old adage: that hot drinks actually cool you down

So… is it true? Will a steaming cup of coffee actually chill you out, even if it seems like the very last thing you’d want?

Well a study suggests that the answer is… sometimes. It all comes down to you getting even more hot and sweaty, but that sweat having the chance to evaporate.

What you might not know is that we sweat to release heat, as when it evaporates from your skin it cools you down. So if you’re in your tank top and shorts, and standing in a cool breeze or in-front of a whirring fan, then keep chugging your cappuccino!

But if that’s not an option, then sure. Chill your beans, and follow one of our cooler than cool guides above.