How to make Irish Coffee

How to make Irish Coffee

Posted on 17-03-2014
By Pact Coffee

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At this time of year, a deliciously comforting hug in a mug (or glass) is just what the doctor ordered. Try our easy Irish Coffee recipe featuring Pact and warm your cockles this season.

How to make Irish Coffee


  • 1 cup of Pact Coffee 
  • 30ml Irish whiskey
  • 1tsp sugar
  • Thickened/double cream, whipped lightly


1 - Brew a hot cup of Pact coffee using the V60

2 - Add your sugar and whiskey, and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. 

3 - Float the cream on top to serve.


Where does Irish Coffee come from?

Who do we have to thank for this delicious winter coffee and whisky invention, we hear you cry? The Irish Coffee as we know it, is credited to a man named Joe Sheridan. In the 1940’s, Sheridan was head chef at a restaurant in Foynes Port, near Limerick. At the time, Foynes was a bustling airbase for transatlantic flights. But being on the west coast of Ireland, the weather was often wet, windy and bleak. So, Sheridan liked to warm up the welcome by serving passengers hot coffee, spiked with whiskey and cream.  

Legend has it that an American took a sip and asked if the coffee was Brazilian. “No” Sheridan replied “that’s Irish Coffee”.

Now his creation might have stayed in Foynes, if it wasn’t for a travel writer named Stanton Delaplane. During a stopover, Delaplane happened to sample the beverage. Upon his return to the US he brought tale of it to his friend Jack Koeppler, the owner of Buena Vista in San Francisco. 

The pair attempted to recreate the drink at length, some say their dedication to the cause almost led them to pass out. But try (and drink) as they might, they failed to replicate Sheridan’s Irish Coffee. 

Not willing to accept defeat, Koeppler flew to Foynes to meet Sheridan and learn the secret of his invention. Sheridan agreed and went with Koeppler to San Francisco. Thus began the global success of this beloved, caffeinated cocktail. 

When is the best time to drink Irish Coffee?

We think cold and rainy nights are perfect for whipping up winter coffee drinks with alcohol. Or cold and rainy mornings, we wouldn’t judge you.

Traditionally though, Irish Coffee is served after dinner with dessert. Chocolate is its natural companion. We’d recommend a chocolate souffle or molten chocolate cake. Tiramisu also pairs perfectly, if like us you can never have enough coffee! But if you’d rather go easy on the sugar, it also goes wonderfully with good quality cheese and crackers. 

Remember, Irish Coffee is all about warm, comforting indulgence. Make sure your cream is thick and slightly whipped, so it floats nicely. We recommend choosing a Pact Coffee with fruity or floral flavours. And the whiskey must be Irish!

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