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The cafetière, or french press, is a great way of making coffee to share! Here’s how we brew using a cafetière.

You’ll need:

  • A cafetiere aka french press
  • Some delicious coffee
  • A kettle
  • A tea towel
  • Two spoons


This method is very adaptable, so don’t hesitate to add more water if it’s too strong, or more coffee if it’s too weak! Put your kettle on to the boil with as many cupfuls of water as you’ll need. You can use your own cups as measures. We recommend using the full volume of the cafetière for the best results.

Brew Guide

  1. Add a scoop or a heaped tablespoon of coffee per person to the cafetière and wait for the water.

  2. Let the water settle off the boil for one minute, then pour into the cafetière. Fill it to the top, then give the grounds a good stir.

  3. Start a timer for 4 minutes. Any timer will do, we usually have our phones on us anyway so we use them.

  4. Lastly, scoop off the floating grounds from the top of the cafetière with two spoons. This is a trick that most brewers neglect. It comes from the coffee sourcing world, and it removes all hindrances to the taste. Place those grounds in a cup or into the bin.

  5. Press it down slowly and evenly, then serve to your amazed and delighted guests. Enjoy.

Beautiful brews start with the coffee. All Pact Coffee is artisan roasted, ground moments before shipping and 100% speciality grade. And it’s ethically sourced, with farmers getting paid 25-125% more than Fairtrade rates - it’s great coffee that you can feel good  about.

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