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You’ll need:

  • Aeropress
  • Aeropress Scoop
  • Aeropress Paddle
  • Aeropress Filter
  • Kettle
  • Some delicious coffee


The Aeropress doesn’t look like a piece of coffee making kit. In fact, to say that it’s seen by some as the very best coffee maker in the world could sound crazy. The man who invented it also invented the Aerobie frisbee, for crying out loud! But the coffee you can produce with it speaks for itself: rich, tasty, complex, everything you want from good coffee. Here’s how to use it.

Brew Guide

  1. Combine the plunger and the tube parts, with the rubber coming up to the (4) on the tube.

  2. Stand the whole thing up with the open end facing up. Put one Aeropress Scoop of coffee in, or about 16g.

  3. Get your timer ready. Add water that has been off the boil for about a minute right up to the top of the tube. Use the Aeropress paddle to stir 5 times. Start your timer for 1 minute and let your coffee extract.

  4. While you wait, get your filter ready. Put it into the filter holder and pour some hot water through it, minding your fingers if you’re holding it.

  5. As you come up to the minute mark, screw on the filter holder with the wet filter.

  6. Place your mug upside-down on top of the Aeropress and flip the whole thing over. The mug should now be on the bottom.

  7. Immediately start pressing down. You should be done in about 30 seconds. Once you’re all the way down and you’ve heard the hissing, use your thumbs to push the plunger up bit to create a vacuum. This will stop it dripping and making a mess.

  8. Finally, discard the puck of coffee from the Aeropress, give the rubber plunger a quick rinse and you’re ready to enjoy some delicious, sciencey Aeropress Coffee!

Beautiful brews start with the coffee. All Pact Coffee is artisan roasted, ground moments before shipping and 100% speciality grade. And it’s ethically sourced, with farmers getting paid 25-125% more than Fairtrade rates - it’s great coffee that you can feel good  about.

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