How to make stovetop coffee

A traditional Italian brewing method, the stovetop coffee pot is a popular option. For a strong cup of something delicious, check out our step-by-step guide. It’s more than a stylish way to make a brew - be sure to make the most of your stovetop coffee maker.

You’ll need:

  • Medium-fine ground Pact Coffee
  • Stovetop
  • Cooker hobs
  • Kettle
  • Tea towel

1. Boil your kettle, and leave it to rest for a minute

2. Fill the bottom chamber of your stovetop, to just below the valve, with your off-the-boil water. TOP TIP 1: Using hot water means the brewing process starts immediately - otherwise, while the water is heating, the hot metal of the stovetop causes the flavour of the coffee to escape as vapour

3. Fill your stovetop’s coffee chamber with medium-fine ground Pact Coffee

4. Level off the coffee, making sure you don’t ‘tamp’ it down

5. Drop the coffee chamber back into the stovetop

6. Using a tea towel to protect your hands, screw the top and bottom of the stovetop back together

7. Put the stovetop on the hob, on a high heat

8. When you can hear the coffee start to bubble out, turn your hob off. The residual steam pressure will push enough water through to brew the rest of the coffee