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cold brew

You’ll need:

  • A Mizudashi cold brew jug
  • 50g of delicious coffee (coarsely ground)
  • Around 800ml water
  • A glass

cold brew

The cold brew is a great way to get a cool but caffeinated drink, perfect for sweltering summer days! Using our Mizudashi cold brew jug means that, with a just little prior preparation, you can have a chilled brew ready for you to drink.

Brew Guide

  1. Get your cold brew jug, coffee, water and glass ready.

  2. Fill up your empty jug with water to the 500ml line, then add the filter.

  3. Add 50g of delicious cafetiere-grind coffee.

  4. Go stir crazy! Don't worry if the coffee goes cloudy - that's normal and it’ll settle at the bottom after a while.

  5. Pour in more water until it’s just under the brim, then keep on stirring.

  6. Now you play the waiting game: pop the jug in the fridge for 12-24 hours.

  7. Ready to drink? Pour the coffee in a glass and serve how you like - diluted by water, with a splash of milk or sweetened to taste!

  8. Chill out and enjoy!

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