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The V60 (the most common Drip filter method) is one of the simplest ways of brewing a pretty stellar cup of coffee. Whether you’re making a single cup or a jug to share, this method can yield great results if you know the ropes.

You’ll need:

  • A V60 aka Filter Cone
  • A V60 filter aka Filter Paper
  • Some delicious coffee
  • A kettle
  • A spoon or scoop
  • A tea towel


Put your kettle on to the boil with as many cupfuls of water as you’ll need. You can use your own cups as measures.

Brew Guide

  1. Get your kettle, filter cone, filter Paper, mug, scoop of sorts, coffee ready.You’ll want about 250ml of water per cup you want to brew.

  2. Get your water boiling. If you have a swan neck kettle then great, but any kettle will do.

  3. While the water’s boiling, measure out the coffee. You can do this precisely with scales or, if you have a V60, then you’ll have a nice graduated scoop (pictured). You can start with about ~16g per ~250ml, then add coffee if you want your coffee stronger or take away coffee if you want it weaker.

  4. Put the coffee aside. Place your filter paper into your filter cone and pour a little boiling water onto the paper to saturate it. This will remove any papery taste that might linger in your coffee. It will also warm your cup or jug, encouraging a more stable temperature through the brewing process, which will help keep the taste stable too. Allow 1 minute or so between removing the kettle from the boil and brewing.

  5. Now, the brew. Put your coffee into the filter cone and pour just enough water to cover the grounds. This will release the gases trapped in the grounds and ensure a better brew. Let it do its thing for 30 seconds.

  6. Then add the remaining water bit by bit, trying to keep the water level in the filter the same until the very end to ensure an even coffee extraction. Pour in a circular motion, without touching the paper filter directly.

  7. Once the water has drained through discard the paper filter and coffee grounds. Enjoy your delicious coffee

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